Whips and Chains – Just Another Sexy Item In The Lovers’ Toolbox

Have you ever heard the phrase whips and chains excite me?

Well, they are doing really. The truth is, they excite me an awesome offer. Don’t just do I just like the occasional spanking (all in excellent exciting), but I love to be the 1 brandishing the whip.

After i discuss of whips and chains, normally the 1st problem I get is persons wondering what sort of S and M dominatrix I actually am.

I’m not a dominatrix in any respect, I basically love to tease and torment my beloved, for his very own satisfaction, not surprisingly.

I Learn about Whips, but How about Chains?

If you just conjured up visuals of a dim, damp dungeon mobile along with your beloved chained into the wall with hand and ankle restraints, a blindfold above his eyes, a ball in his mouth, and you in leather-based heels and lingerie, brandishing a lion tamers whip…effectively…you have a lot more home in your home than I do.

I have no darkish, damp dungeon and perhaps if I did my worry of crawly factors would reduce me from making use of it. I also have no lion tamers whip, though the cat O 9 tails is effective miracles on my naughty male.

As for being chained towards the wall…he’s not. He is chained to himself.

You will find there’s lovely neck and wrist restraint with connecting chains that allows me to live out a few of my darker bondage fantasies with the safety of knowing he is correctly Risk-free while in the bedroom instead of some torture chamber of your creativeness.

Reality be told, I am not into that sort of detail.

The truth is, only a few people I’m sure genuinely are.

This is not about trying to keep a sexual intercourse slave locked in the cage; It is about teasing and denying your beloved for his satisfaction and yours.

He does not want you leaving chain connection welts on his flesh. He does want you to blind fold him, restrain him, and also have your way with him. I like chains, but it really’s only for present definitely.

The whips are classified as the part to Perform with.

What’s the Safest Whip?

I’ve been requested this right before and I actually can only answer with all whips are the identical, it’s the brandisher who should be careful.

A number of people Really don’t learn how to thoroughly flick their wrist website and finish up hurting them selves Using the whip.

Other people may spank just a little also challenging on accident. Observe whipping your leg before utilizing your torturing techniques with your beloved.

The whips and chains will excite him a lot more if he understands he isn’t about to get rid of a limb.